5 Things Worthy of Note from the Week

To buy…..
Pot Yer Tits Away Luv


I discovered these fabulous little ceramic pots on Kate Johnson’s newly redesigned blog, katelavie.com, and instantly fell in love. They are handmade pots, custom-made to suit the body and breast type requested. Every colour, texture, and breast type. Mastectomies included. Created by Emma, an artist based in Leeds, the pots are all unique and very unusual. I personally am a big fan of their pointlessly small size – you can pop a succulent in them, but not much else. Ideal.

Emma also creates willy pots, which to be honest are slightly less appealing. Purely because they’re quite overtly phallic and don’t really seem to serve much purpose – not unlike their real-life counterparts. Sorry boys. She also creates “bikini ready” pots, which feature painted pants with accompanying bikini lines, of all shapes and sizes. What more could you wish for.


To download…
The Adam Buxton Podcast with Louis Theroux 


I like to think that in my next life I will either be, or repopulate the planet with, Louis Theroux. He and Adam Buxton are old friends, and they have done a few podcasts together, but if you’re short on time, I implore you to head to episode 29, and skip to 1:02:15. Louis discusses his singing, and then goes on to spend the next 7 minutes or so singing in falsetto, and I found myself at 6am halfway down the M4 listening with tears of hysteria rolling down my cheeks from sheer mirth. This never happens. I never even laugh with noise. Let alone tears.

If I’m honest I really got nothing of worth from any of these podcasts, and if it’s an insight into Louis’ complex relationship with the subjects of his documentaries you’re after, you won’t find it here. However what you will find is several hours of Louis-based joy, which realistically is all we all need to find true happiness.


To visit…
Act Riot: Post-Soviet Activism at the Saatchi Gallery


After what feels like an eternity of continually returning to the Saatchi Gallery and finding they are still yet to change their exhibition from their exhibition on selfies, it was with a spring in my step that I entered my Chelsea home-away-from-home this weekend to check out their newest exhibition.

Dedicated to Russian protest from over the past 25 years, the exhibition explored a huge variety of activists and artists including the infamous performance artist Pyotr Pavlensky. For those who don’t remember the name, he is the chap who nailed his testicles to the Red Square in Moscow amongst other equally bananas endeavours. From only having ever read the odd online Guardian article on him, it was fascinating to learn more about him within the walls of a gallery – where his work indeed should belong, alongside the pages of broadsheet newspapers and opinion columns.

Also of note is the room dedicated to the activism of Russian feminist punk rock group Pussy Riot, which is particularly poignant because of its ongoing present-day relevance. A cracking exhibition exploring both art and politics in what is still to this day an exceptionally repressive society.



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