Glossier’s Launch in the UK: What’s Actually Worth Investing In

A guide to the highlights of the cult beauty brand

When American skincare and beauty brand Glossier landed in the UK last month, I, along with most basic millennial bitches, hopped right on board and made an exceptionally extravagant order. So, here’s my round-up of the products I’ve tried so far so as to save you time and money in ordering junk that will only disappoint.



My Achilles heel. I can’t justify getting a cab home at 4am and will insistently walk across a dangerous city to save £4, but I will spend 8 times that amount on a cream with no proven track record to do anything at all. Fortunately for me, Glossier’s skincare is at least worth its relatively low pricetag.

Milky Jelly Cleanser


This rosewater-infused cleanser is fast becoming a favourite of mine. Although not on the same level as Oskia’s Renaissance Cleansing Gel, which still holds poll position for me, I do very much enjoy its gentle approach. It’s a little too gentle to have any real effect on removing makeup, so I tend to use a more abrasive cleanser for that purpose, but seeing as I wear makeup about as frequently as I fly to the moon, this isn’t a huge concern.

Priming Moisturiser


I have heard so much hype about the rich version of this particular moisturiser, but as someone prone to fairly feisty breakouts I thought I’d start with the less intense moisturiser (particularly as it’s £11 cheaper – I would be lying if I said this didn’t play a part). However, I do think that this one is still a little too light for me – I don’t like a huge amount of coverage, but this even is too low. I will report back with my thoughts on the rich version when I have saved my pennies. It does, however, work incredibly well as a primer, and its anti-redness qualities are bizarrely a success.

Super Pure


I didn’t have huge faith in this product to begin with, but it has fast become a staple of my daily routine. My skin is prone to the odd breakout, and this serum works wonders. It soothes redness and helps calm little breakouts. It also absorbs really quickly, so you’re not left with a festering serum mess on your face while you brush your teeth. Big fan of this one.

What’s next….

Next on my list is definitely the Mask Duo consisting of a Mega Greens Galaxy Pack for detoxifying skin (wholly necessary for someone like me entering puberty 2.0 in terms of skin breakouts) and the Moisturising Moon Mask. I’ve recently got très into face masks, having previously not believed the hype. The Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque is now my lifeforce, and to say I am mildly addicted would be an understatement.



Glossier’s makeup is very low impact – it all creates a very natural look and is not too intense and “makeup-ey”, which I’m a big fan of. Not being much of a makeup gal, this stuff is ideal. So far I’ve only delved into one product, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it and plan on exploring further.

Boy Brow – Brown


I already have quite sturdy eyebrows, and had never fiddled with them too greatly. With the exception of my season of overplucking, aged 16. We’ve all been there. But I read such rave reviews about this product I was intrigued. Suffice to say, I’m hooked. Unlike other eyebrow products, there’s no danger of going too dark, because the tint is very gentle and the product is a great balance between comb and colour. Ideal. When you’re wake up looking like a puffy foetus, it brings the perfect lift to your face and somehow makes you look semi-human. Which is obviously the main goal in life, isn’t it.

What’s next…

Having fallen out of love with lipsticks in the last few years owing to their difficulty in combination with eating a burger, playing the flute, or actually doing anything, the Generation G matte lipsticks seem like a good segway back in. In a similar way to Boy Brow, they don’t have an in-yer-face look to them, and mainly help transform you from corpse to semi-alive cretin. Sold.

To get 10% off your order click here (aren’t I a helpful money-saving little elf).



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